27 May 2008

What's been up

Well, it's been just over a month since my last post. Been extremely busy to say the least. Working two jobs sucks. Combine this with the fact that on the nights I'm not working, I'm taking Catie to T-Ball (where I've been unofficially volunteered as one of the main coaches!) and I've had little time for anything.

Courtney's due to give birth to Finlay any day now (her Mom arrived on Thursday for two weeks in anticipation of the big event) and I've been up to my eyes in it at work.

One of the big things going on at work recently was the 2nd Air Force change of command (a two-star taking over from another two-star). Public Affairs has to coordinate all media (send out press releases, escort them on base, etc.), film the event, write articles (three to be exact) and post the finished articles and video to the public website. And yours truly was tasked to do it all!

Here's the video I put together for the change of command (original link here):

I (at last) sew on Staff Sgt. on June 1st (I get to wear it for a whole nine months before I get out!!!!) but will probably not be at work on the big day to bask in the glory of NCO-dom because Finn will probably be here and I'm taking three weeks off when he finally arrives!

I've also started to write for the paper a whole lot more in recent weeks and I don't know why. I'm chief of community relations and not on the newspaper staff. While I'm not crazy about the extra work it's piled onto my desk, I am glad that I'm getting more and more chances to write and improve my journalistic skills.

Some of my new articles can be found here (the 2nd Air Force story), here (a great sports story - even if I do say so myself) and here.

The last story is one I'm particularly proud of. For starters, it has a great lead (opening sentence or "hook"), I got called out in the evening while I was about to eat dinner with my family to cover it and I took the accompanying photos, one of which is, imho, AWESOME (see below)

So that's what's been going on. In amongst all of this, I've had little time for movies. I did, of course, go and see Iron Man which, like most everyone else, I loved. RDJr was the tits, obviously, and there was a much appreciated use of Air Force stuff in it (if I was working in the public affairs LA office - and yes, there is such an office - my responsibility would be to coordinate all AF presence in the entertainment industry. That. Would. Be. Cool.). Haven't seen Prince Caspian (ho-hum) or Indy 4 (will probably see it at some point). Am glad that Speed Racer tanked (not because of the Waschowski [sp?] brothers, but because the whole concept is wank) and would rather drink Rush Limbaugh's vomit than watch What Happens in Vegas. Am looking foward to Sex and the City (no, really. I loved the TV show), The Happening and Hulk for the immediate future.

I'll close by saying that even I'm getting tired of the whole Hillary/Obama nomination process. I love them both, but want Obama to get it (which he will). My only saving grace is in knowing that either one of them will trounce Oldie McFuck (not that it matters too much to me as I'll be out of the country before the new president even takes office - looking at Jan 15th, bitches!).