13 May 2011

The A-Z of My Favorite Movies

All About Eve
In my top five movies of all time.

I prefer not to think about Mel's recent transgressions and instead focus on this historically inaccurate but eminently re-watchable epic.

Clockwork Orange, A
Kubrick's best film, which is no small boast.

Do the Right Thing
Still Spike's best movie.

Elephant Man, The
Hopkins is every bit as good as Hurt in possibly the only movie I know that I find difficult to watch. So upsetting, but so very, very good.

Fly, The
Featuring what I believe to be one of the best acting performances by anyone, ever. Take a bow, Jeff.

The best movie ever made. Period.

Hannah and Her Sisters
My joint-favorite Woody Allen movie.

It's a Wonderful Life
To say it's just the best Xmas movie of all time would still be doing it an injustice.

Jackie Brown
Criminally underrated Tarantino masterpiece.

King of Comedy, The
For me, DeNiro is every bit as good here as he was in Raging Bull. His joint best performance ever.

L.A. Confidential
Every single line of dialogue in this masterful film means something. Pay attention.

My other favorite Woody Allen

Nightmare Before Xmas, The
My favorite Disney movie ever. After Toy Story, that is.

Three words: Best. Ending. Ever.

Pulp Fiction
Tarantino's best...changed the face of movies.

Queen, The
Best movie I could think of that started with a Q.

Raging Bull
One of the most beautiful and harrowing films of all time. THIS is why DeNiro is known as the greatest actor of his generation.

Nothing more can be said about this masterwork that hasn't already been said.

Twelve Angry Men
Remarkable script and remarkable acting from all 12 jurors.

M. Night's best, by far, and a brilliantly original film.

Not Almodovar's best, but better than most movies released in '06.

Wizard of Oz, The
Is there a more perfect family film than this? Timeless.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Is it wrong that I really, really like this movie and prefer it to all the others in the series?

Year of the Dragon
Good thriller from a time when Mickey Rourke looked normal. And cool.

A film that made Michael Caine a star, and proved he could do non-Michael Caine accents!