10 Aug 2009

Books: Moab is My Washpot

Just finished reading Stephen Fry's autobiography Moab is My Washpot. Being a Stephen Fry fan, I knew I'd probably like the book and wasn't disappointed.

The timeline of the book is Stephen's life from birth to age 18. While for most people this may not be long enough to justify the writing of an autobiography, Stephen's tales of English public-school life (for those not in the know, in England "public"school actually means private school. I would explain, but I can't be bothered) are amusing and interesting enough to keep the reader entertained.

The 21st century's answer to Oscar Wilde in terms of dry wit (if not literary genius), Stephen's writing is consistently hilarious, thought-provoking and more than a little embarrassing (for him, not you).

His tales of the minutae and traditions of attending public school are a mix of the sad and the funny, as are his continuous grappling with his own sexuality and propensity to thieve at every opportunity.

In short, entertaining, well-written and a good insight into one of England's most beloved popular culture figures. Recommended.

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