8 Jan 2011

Yeah, so I've been away for a bit.

Wow. It's been just over a year since my last blog post. Trying to think of exactly why this is. Probably because as I'm using Facebook and Twitter now more than ever, most things I would traditionally use my blog for are either a) better suited to FB/Twitter (such as links to cool/funny videos, current music, etc.) or b) can be condensed into one or two sentence FB/Twitter updates, such as work life.

However, the advent of my annual best movies of the year list really IS better suited to blog format, IMO, so I decided to logon to the ol' blog and see what was new. Quite a bit, actually. You may notice the new look. Templates are much better now than they were a year ago. Also added functionality such as social networking buttons bring Blogger right up-to-date.

Also, having a quick browse through some of my old posts has reignited the blogging flame in me, as it were. Don't know how long this enthusiasm will last, but for now I'm like totally into it again, dude.

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