19 Jun 2008

The American Film Institute chooses its top 10 genre movies...

The AFI, an organization increasingly fond of ranking movies' greatness, had just named its top 10 genre films.

According to the AFI, the best animated film of all time is...Snow White. I would have picked The Nightmare Before Christmas. The full list is available here.

The best romantic comedy of all time is...City Lights. I would have chosen Romuald Et Juliette. Full list here.

The best western is...The Searchers. Me? Unforgiven (AFI ranks it # 4). List here.

The one category I agree with the AFI on - best sports movie. The winner is...Raging Bull (of course). Full list here.

Here's a weirdish category, best mystery movie. Their pick - Vertigo. Mine - Blue Velvet (their # 8). List here.

For their next category, the AFI chose "fantasy." Now, when someone says fantsay, I think of LOTR, Spider-Man, etc. The AFI categorizes it as anything which isn't real - which, if you think about it, is any non-documentary movie, but, whatever. Their best is The Wizard of Oz. I don't know really how to score this one. For example, if you're talking about straight fantasy, it's probably going to be LOTR:FOTR (which the AFI rank as # 2). But, they also include classics such as Oz and It's a Wonderful Life, in which case my pick would be the latter. It's a strange list, for sure. See it here.

The best sci-fi movie is...2001: A Space Odyssey. I can't argue too much with this one. Again, though, the AFI included A Clockwork Orange on their list which I wouldn't count as sci-fi (if I did, it would be number 1, no question). My personal fave sci-fi? The Abyss: The Director's Cut. Full list here.

Best gangster film is...The Godfather. I would have picked Goodfellas (their # 2) which is, incidentally, my favorite movie of all time. The whole list here.

The best courtroom drama ever is...To Kill a Mockingbird. My pick would be 12 Angry Men (their # 2). List here.

And finally, their number one epic of all time is...Lawrence of Arabia. Mine would be Spartacus (thier # 5). The full list is right here.

...and there you have it. Thoughts? Opinions?

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