7 Jun 2008

The baby boy is here!!!!

My son, Finlay William Rodriguez (or Finn, for short) was born at exactly 3:08 a.m. June 5, 2008 at Keesler Medical Center, Keesler Air Force Base, MS. He was 9 lbs (!) and had a full head of hair. Both Mother and child are doing exceptionally well. We left the hospital today at noon and have been playing/sleeping/eating/pooping all day since then! Below are some pics of Finn by himself and with his big sister, Cate. Go here for the full set.

Eating his blanket

Looking just like his Dad, the handsome devil!

Gettin' a kiss from big sis!

I think she likes him!

Either that's his first smile, or he just farted!

1 comment:

Cam said...

Very cool dude! Congrats again.

As for that last picture, knowing his father, I think Finn just farted. =P