11 Jun 2011

Misleading Titles, Ahoy!

The following snippet from www.ultraculture.co.uk's review of the Jodie Foster-directed, Mel Gibson-starring The Beaver made me literally laugh out loud:

Given that first-time screenwriter Kyle Killen could have made the ‘prescription puppet’ that Mel Gibson communicates through for most of the movie any animal whatsoever, I naturally assumed that he’d chosen a beaver to give himself some reliable genitalia-based humour to fall back on when times got tough. But inexplicably, not once in the entire movie does anyone score into this massive, perpetually-open goal.

It’s like if Ed Balls and Brian Cox drove off a dyke into a muff warehouse and The Sun went with the headline ‘MP and Physicist Cross Levee Into Handwarmer Depository’.

Read the full review here.

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Cam said...

Ultra Culture is freakin' hilarious! And the dude is only, like, 20 years old! Crazy.