6 Nov 2011

NFL Week 9 Picks

Had no time/forgot to do picks last weekend. Was in the pub watching Tottenham v QPR before the opening game (Vikes/Carolina) and didn’t remember ‘til mid-way through the second quarter!


Two weeks ago: 9-4, Season cumulative: 51-36, Season average: 9-6

(Winners in bold)

Miami at Kansas City
Could Miami get any worse? Probably not. Reggie is keeping up the fine tradition of all people with the last name of “Bush” being a total waste of space. Also, KC are showing signs of life after a dismal start to this campaign

Atlanta at Indianapolis
No reason to think the Colts will get their first win this week

Tampa Bay at New Orleans
After an explicable loss last week to the up-to-then-winless Rams, look for the Saints to bounce back and beat a crappy Tampa Bay team whose 4-3 record belies their general ineptitude

NY Jets at Buffalo
Big, big game for the Jets. If they can beat this year’s surprise package (along with the 49ers), their playoff hopes should be on the right track

Seattle at Dallas
Is picking Seattle considered controversial? I don’t think it is

Cleveland at Houston
Though my policy is to never pick the Texans to lose, I love it during weeks when I know they won’t

San Francisco at Washington
Ha ha! Still laughing at the fact that Grossman got benched! Also, Frank Gore is a BEAST this year

Cincinnati at Tennessee
Biggest “I don’t care what happens” game of the week. Um, Cincinnati look pretty good this year and, as a former Houston Oilers fan, I hate the Titans

Denver at Oakland
Is it wrong to hope that the notoriously-violent Raiders beat up on that evangelist, Tebow?

NY Giants at New England
Hmmm, both teams are 5-2, NY are on a win streak, but the Pats just lost...but the Pats are at home and Eli is notoriously inconsistent. Tough call. Am going with Brady’s hair

St. Louis at Arizona
C’mon, Cards!! I pick you every week and almost every week you let me down! Kolb and Fitzgerald, do your effing jobs!

Green Bay at San Diego
Looking for Green Bay’s first loss? Look no further

Baltimore at Pittsburgh
One of my favorite teams against the date rapist. Look for the Ravens, and Rice in particular, to beat up on the Steelers just like they did in week one

Chicago at Philadelphia
Despite their records (4-3 and 3-4, respectively), Chicago haven’t truly impressed this season, while Philly have flattered to deceive. Look for McCoy and Jackson to have big games

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