14 Jan 2008

Insider Knowledge About Starbucks

As some of you may know, I work part-time at Starbucks. I've always been a Starbucks whore and when I decided that I needed another job to bring in some extra cash, I thought it would be cool to work at Starbucks (and the tips don't hurt either)!

For the record, as a "partner" (which is a twattish way of dressing-up the word "employee"), I get all the free drinks I want when I'm at work, 30% off drinks and merchandise at all other times and a free pound-bag of coffee (or box of Tazo tea) per week.

I'm also privy to some interesting knowledge which I will pass on to you all (and you might use the next time you go).

First of all, if you like the Peppermint drinks (as in Peppermint Mocha, or Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha), did you know that you can order these all year round? They're only advertised at Xmas, but you can get them all year.

Next, if you like the Chai lattes, order them next time with no water. I love Chai, but was never keen on Starbucks' version. That is, until I started working there and realized that we're supposed to make them with half hot water and half milk! Customers that I've introduced this to, all agree that it's far better with all milk than with the milk/water mix.

You know how you can order Frappucino Lights? Well, you can't order the Frappucino Cream Lights anymore since the Cream Light powder has been discontinued. Don't fret, though. The regular Cream mix (made in the Strawberries & Cream, Chai and Green Tea Frappucinos) is made with nonfat milk anyway.

Have you ever had a Green Tea latte or Cream Frappucino? Did you like/dislike it and wonder what gave it its unique taste? I can now reveal that its made with....Melon syrup!!! Well at least I thought it was interesting.

Did you know that the brewed-coffee Starbucks makes is thrown away EVERY HOUR to keep it fresh? What a waste! But at least you know you're regular joe is fresh.

And speaking of the brewed coffee, did you know the bolder the coffee is, the less caffeine it has? Weird, right? But true. The mildest blend we do, the Breakfast Blend, actually has the most caffeine and all the Extra Bold blends (Italian Roast, French Roast, Xmas Blend) have the least caffeine. This is because the longer a coffee is roasted (to make it darker and bolder), the more the caffeine and other chemicals evaporate from the bean. So if you're one of those customers who says "Give me the boldest thing you got! I can take it! Grrrr!" You're actually consuming less caffeine than the quiet, bespectacled fellow reading Middlemarch in the corner.

Did you know that for milk you can have whole, 2%, 1% ( a mix of 2% & nonfat), nonfat, soy (which has a slight vanilla flavor and is delicious!) and organic?

Did you know that everything on our menu - the fraps, the peppermint lattes, the caramel macchiatos, EVERYTHING, can be done decaf? Just ask.

Next time you go, create your own drink! For hot ones how about a white chocolate orange mocha latte, or a turtle latte (caramel and mocha)? As for fraps, what about white chocolate raspberry cream or ginger chai cream or even raspbeery green tea frappucinos?

One last thing, you can try before you buy ANYTHING on the menu. They will give you a "short" of any drink you want for free.

If any "barista" (puh-leeze) gives you static about the above, just ask for the manager or the "shift" (shift-supervisor).

That's all I can think of right now, but if I remember anything else, I'll post.

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Cam said...

That's some pretty useful information right there, even though I don't drink coffee. Here's a little insight from a Microsoft employee: Don't buy a Mac.