17 Jan 2008

It's a boy!

Well, as I'm sure some of you already knew, Courtney's pregnant! And for those that didn't, you do now. She's 20 weeks and we just found out the sex of the baby. It's a boy! (perhaps the title of this post somewhat gave this away...)

His name will be Finlay William Rodriguez (we'll probably call him Finn for short).

I actually wanted another girl, truth be told. I never thought I'd enjoy having a girl as much as I do.

However, now that I know it's a boy, I'm really warming to the idea and am really looking forward to doing all the father/son things...like teaching him how to play (proper) football, taking him to matches back in England, watching sci-fi/action movies together, teaching him how to work on cars, etc. Plus, it's nice to know that the Rodriguez name will be carried on.

I can't wait for the birth day to get here...I'm so excited to hold "my son" in my arms and do all those memorable "baby" thing all over again, like rocking him to sleep, feeding him, cuddling on the couch, even changing nappies!

I'll make sure to post regular updates/news.

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Cam said...

Again, congratulations! I hope to have a boy one day myself to enjoy all of the things that you mentioned.