22 Jan 2008

Oscar nominees!!

First impressions on hearing the list of nominees:

Good selection for Best Pic...I'm glad Atonement, No Country and Juno all made it (and I'm sure I'll be glad There Will Be Blood did too, once I see it).

Actor - doesn't really matter. DDL will walk this one.

Actress - no surprises (except perhaps Laura Linney in the little-seen The Savages, but she always rules so good for her). This will come down to Christie v. Cotillard (w/ maybe an outside chance for Page [hope, hope!]).

Sup Actor - doesn't really matter either. Bardem will walk this one.

Sup Actress - This is the most wide-open category for me. Early favorite Ryan could be trumped by ANY of them.

Director - I'm really glad to see Jason Reitman nominated, though I think the Coens will (deservedly) get it.

Other thoughts:

I'm sooo glad "Falling Slowly" from the movie Once got nominated. It's by far the best track on a tremendously good album...I hope Ratatouille loses everything - it sucked...I don't have a HUGE problem with McAvoy and Knightley missing out, though I think she deserved the nom more than he...go Sicko!!...WTF?!! No Diving Bell in the Foreign Film category?! The only reason I can think of was that it may have been considered by many to be a possible Best Picture nominee, but just didn't get enough votes to dislodge one of the others...do you realize we now have to say "the Oscar-nominated Norbit"!!!!...surprisingly, no nomination for Jonny Greenwood's TWBB soundtrack...I wish Amy Adams had been nominated for Enchanted.

I'll do a follow-up "Who I think should win, but who I think WILL win" post soon...

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Cam said...

Agreed on most of your first impressions. I think the Academy will recognize Ellen Page's performance.

I haven't heard "Falling Slowly", so I'm curious to learn about your favoritism towards it.

Ratatouille is better than you think it is and everybody knows it. 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. Don't know why you hate it so much.

I think you're right about the lack of Diving Bell in the Foreign Film category. It'll probably win for everything it was nominated for now.

My predictions and stuff are already up.