1 Feb 2008

California Democratic Debate - First thoughts

Great debate. Intelligent discourse (as opposed to the media-induced sniping of last time and the attack-happy Republican debate last night) that centered on both where they agree and, more to the point, where they disagree (on the issues. Period.). Reaffirmed my position that I prefer Obama, but think Hillary would be great, too. I came out of this liking Obama more (and I still want him to win the nomination), but I was really impressed with Hillary (for the first time).

Healthcare - like Hillary's plan (mandatory healthcare for all - lowering price so ALL can afford), but prefer Obama's (lowering price, but not mandatory as there will still be some who can't afford it and they mustn't be punished for that). Both plans good and on the way to true, free universal healthcare (which the rest of the western world seems to be able to accomplish, but which we still seem too self-centered to vote for - and don't get me started).

Immigration - Like Hillary's plan (work on a way to get illegals legal through education, easier process), but prefer Obama's (same as above, but no retro tax payments: how can an illegal - who was being paid lower than the minimum wage - be forced to pay back taxes based on at least the minimum wage? Unfair).

Iraq war - Like both plans (a definite withdrawal from Iraq), but prefer the fact that Obama was against it from the beginning and was proven right on what he predicted in 2002 (that invading would increase tensions with Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, would make us less safe from terrorist attacks, and would take us away from foreign-policy concentration on North Korea, China, et al.).

Again, though, I truly think they would both make good presidents and are interested in leading us in the right direction (which can only be up after this disastrous administration). Hillary for once didn't seem robotic, but genuine and almost off-the-cuff. Obama was more relaxed and reaffirmed his reputation as a riveting orator.

Oh, and Wolf Blitzer is such a fucking idiot.

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Cam said...

If our next President is going to be from the Democratic party (and let's face it, we all know that's what's going to happen), I would rather have Obama in the White House. That's all I'm going to say about your post because I disagree with about 100% of it.