17 Sep 2011

NFL Week 2 Picks

(Winners in bold)

Kansas City at Detroit 
(the Lions' resurgence is underway...easy win)
Oakland at Buffalo 
(c'mon...they played the Chiefs last week; I could beat KC on my own)
Tampa Bay at Minnesota (McNabb's still got something left in the tank...for one more season, at least)
Chicago at New Orleans
(Brees & Co. will take their Week 1 injustice anger out on Chicago)

Baltimore at Tennessee 
(did you SEE the Ravens last week??!!)
Cleveland at Indianapolis 
(Peyton or no Peyton, the Colts will win this)
Jacksonville at NY Jets
(Darrelle Revis is the best player in the NFL. Discuss.)
Seattle at Pittsburgh 
(just what the Steelers needed after an unexpected Week 1 loss)
Arizona at Washington 
(if the Cards can beat a Newton-powered Carolina, they should kill the Redskins)
Green Bay at Carolina 
(controversial pick. I just have a feeling...)
Dallas at San Francisco 
(as a .500 QB, it's Romo's turn to have a good game)
San Diego at New England 
(battle of the QBs. Home field is why I'm going for NE)
Houston at Miami 
(no doubt.)
Cincinnati at Denver 
(Tebow sucks...he STILL can't start *shakes head*)
Philadelphia at Atlanta 
(the dog-torturer will win because good things happen to bad people in sports)

St. Louis at NY Giants 
(one of the few games NY will win this year)


Ken Rizzo said...

Don't underestimate Buffalo or Cleveland this week.
Washington stomps on the Cards (I hope).
You must have picked Carolina over GB just to be controversial.
Cinci / Denver is going to be a total suckfest.
You have my blessing on the rest :)

Carlos said...

I don't know, Ken...I just have a feeling about Carolina this season. Cam Newton is the absolute tits and I think GB are one of those overrated champions...I can think of 10 or so teams in the league right now that are better than the Pack.

We'll see what happens. Remember, the person who gets most picks correct wins the Supreme Master of the Universe title!