24 Sep 2011

NFL Week 3 Picks

No big upset pick this week, but when you consider I've picked only four home teams to win, the entire list could be considered an upset pick, no? Winners in bold, as usual... 
Houston at New Orleans
I will NEVER pick Houston to lose, obviously
NY Giants at Philadelphia
I rarely wish another human being ill, but a not-100% Michael Vick is no human being so I hope the Giants go blitz-crazy as usual against him
Jacksonville at Carolina
This is the week that Carolina gets their first win. Expect more impressive numbers from Cam
New England at Buffalo
Buffalo, your flukey start stops here. No fan of NE, but they've been awesome so far this year
Miami at Cleveland
Just don't believe Miami will go 0-3. Expecting a big week from both Henne and Bush
San Francisco at Cincinnati
Home field is the only reason I'm giving this to the Bengals...should be a close game
Denver at Tennessee
Orton & Co. should post a fairly comfortable win here
Detroit at Minnesota
When was the last time you could say that the Lions were hands-down favorites against the Vikes
Baltimore at St. Louis
After last week's strange loss, expect Ray Lewis to take out all his anger on the Rams
NY Jets at Oakland
Was week 1 a false dawn for Campbell and the Raiders? Either way, the Jets are still way too good for them
Kansas City at San Diego
Poor KC. Looks like they'll be the whipping boys of the league this year. Hope you've all picked Rivers as your Fantasy QB this week
Arizona at Seattle
Seattle have already looked as unimpressive as many thought they would. Larry Fitzgerald to have a big game?
Atlanta at Tampa Bay
Very hard pick...both teams look good (the Bucs surprisingly so), but I think Tampa Bay will edge it
Green Bay at Chicago
Green bay should have no problem against a suspect (read: capitulation) Bears team
Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
I just can't see a Peyton-less Colts winning this...even at home
Washington at Dallas
Romo's turn to have a shitty game. Rex Grossman already playing better here than he did the entire time in Chicago

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