2 Oct 2011

NFL Week 4 Picks

Last week: 8-8, Season cumulative: 17-15, Season average: 9-7

(Winners in bold)

Detroit at Dallas
I am seriously in the tank for the Lions this season. Oh, and Romo sucks, of course.

Carolina at Chicago
Completely going against the experts, my “controversial” pick this week is the Panthers. But really, with the awesomeness that is Cam Newton and a weak Chicago o-line, is this really controversial?

Buffalo at Cincinnati
It’s good to see Buffalo winning again. What is this, the mid-90s??!!

Tennessee at Cleveland
This is a tough game to call between two 2-1 teams. Chris Johnson’s so-far-underhwleming season, though, makes me go for the Browns. Just.

Minnesota at Kansas City
Peterson to rush for between 150-200 yards.

Washington at St. Louis
I’m liking the new Rex Grossman this season.

New Orleans at Jacksonville
Though they beat my beloved Texans last week, I still like the Saints and I like them even more to beat a poor Jaguars team.

Pittsburgh at Houston
I will never pick the Texans to lose. Ever. I mean, ever.

San Francisco at Philadelphia
Another tough call, due to the dog-torturer’s injuries and a resurgent 49ers. The explosive McCoy and the 49ers’ less-than-stellar offense, though, make me thing the Eagles will take this.

NY Giants at Arizona
Yet another tough call. The Giants are on a roll and Arizona are only 2-1. Home-field advantage and the Kolb-Fitzgerald combination make me think the Cards will take this one.

Atlanta at Seattle
No question. Look for Ryan and White to have a big game.

Miami at San Diego
Another no-brainer. Even without Antonio Gates, the Chargers’ offense has been great so far this season with the Rivers/Matthews/Jackson triple-threat. Oh, and I always knew Reggie was overrated. Why must everyone named Bush be so useless?

New England at Oakland
Believe it or not, I think this one’s also a tough call. Home-field advantage, a much-improved team over last year’s and the best running game in the NFL mean Oakland will be no pushovers. Last week’s hiccup against the magical Bills notwithstanding, though, I think Brady & Co. will be just too strong.

Denver at Green Bay
Easy pick. The Packers’ passing O will be too strong for Denver. Also, though I think Orton’s a great QB and Tebow’s a religious nut, I think it’s time to give Tim a chance to start.

NY Jets at Baltimore
Really tough to call. The Jets have so many offensive weapons and a great D. The Ravens have the best D (built, coincidentally, by Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan when he was Baltimore’s defensive coach) and all of a sudden have an offense this year. I’m going with Baltimore purely because of home-field advantage.

Indianapolis at Tampa Bay
Just don’t think a Peyton-less Colts stand a chance against home-field advantage and a decent Buccaneers team.

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