16 Oct 2011

NFL Week 6 Picks

Last week: 6-7, Season cumulative: 33-28, Season average: 8-7

(Winners in bold)

San Francisco at Detroit
Very impressive offensive display by the 49ers last week and Alex Smith is no joke this year. However, the bigger surprise and most impressive team this year is the Lions. Detroit takes this one.

St. Louis at Green Bay
Mark my words, the overrated green bay will slip up this season...it just won’t be this week.

Carolina at Atlanta
I’m going with Cam and the boys to easily beat a disappointing Falcons team.

Indianapolis at Cincinnati
Jesus, Indy are rubbish and the Bengals have quietly turned into a contender this year and are at home.

Buffalo at NY Giants
Probably the toughest call of the week. the Jekyll-and-Hyde-like Giants could clobber the Bills on their day. Gonna stick my neck out and go with Eli.

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh
Pitt starting to show signs of life. Jax continuing to show how useless they are.

Philadelphia at Washington
It can’t get any worse for Philly, can it? I think the losing streak stops here. I also believe the ‘Skins have flattered to deceive this season.

Houston at Baltimore
We need to bounce back after the Al Davis-inspired loss last week. we couldn’t have asked for a tougher game in which to do it, though.

Cleveland at Oakland
If they can beat us, they sure as shit can whip the Browns. Campbell and McFadden should run riot this week.

Dallas at New England
New England look better this season than they have in a few years and should comfortably win. Not to worry, though, if the Cowgirls get the lead...Romo will surely once again find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory...

New Orleans at Tampa Bay
I just dislike Tampa Bay so much...I never used to when they had bright orange-and-white uniforms and the picture of the moutachioed & goateed buccaneer on the sides of their helmets, but I digress. Brees and Colston to get big numbers.

Minnesota at Chicago
Which Minnesota will show up this week? Last week’s titans of the week before’s wiener’s? i’m betting that in either case, Da Bears will prove to strong for them.

Miami at NY Jets
Rexy’s boys will take all of last week’s frustration out on the shite that is known as this year’s ‘Fins.

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