9 Oct 2011

NFL Week 5 Picks

Last week: 10-6, Season cumulative: 27-21, Season average: 9-7

(Winners in bold)

Tennessee at Pittsburgh
So the Titans were supposed to suck this year and Pitt got to last year’s Super Bowl. Also, all the experts are picking the Steelers. I say look at the way Ray Rice ran all over them in week 1. A big week for Chris Johnson.

Seattle at NY Giants

Cincinnati at Jacksonville
I thinks the Jags suck marginally more than Cincy.

New Orleans at Carolina
I’m calling it...upset! Plus, I have a man-crush on Cam Newton.

Oakland at Houston
With AJ out injured, this will be the battle of possibly the two best running games in the NFL. McFadden vs. Foster/Tate. Houston will take this, though, owing to the fact that the loss of AJ aside, Owen Daniels owns.

Philadelphia at Buffalo
I have a feeling Philly will bounce back from last week’s surprise defeat to conquer a Bills team that’s apparently not quite as good as we thought...

Kansas City at Indianapolis
Tough call. On the other hand, it’s the Chiefs vs. a Peyton-less Colts, so really, who gives a shit? I’ll go with home-field advantage.

Arizona at Minnesota
I keep picking the Cards each week and they keep disappointing me each week. However, Minnesota lost to the Chiefs (the effing CHIEFS!!) last week so they must suck hard. Fitzgerald to get a squillion TDs.

Tampa Bay at San Francisco
I’m going with the 49ers because TB aren’t anywhere near as good as their 3-1 record suggests. Also, because i can’t believe Freeman is a starting QB in the NFL.

NY Jets at New England
Damn, Jets!! Why do you have to suck? Sanchez is among the worst QBs in the league this season and the defeat to the Bills notwithstanding, New England looks pretty lethal.

San Diego at Denver
John Fox’s refusal to start Billy Graham combined with a predictably strong Chargers equals another loss for Denver.

Green Bay at Atlanta
I mean, I guess I gotta pick the Pack, right? Uh, right?!

Chicago at Detroit
I LOVE the fact that Detroit are kicking ass this season. last week’s comeback win against the shitheads shows they have character as well as talent. Stafford still looks like a 12-year-old, though.


Cam-Fu said...

Seattle. Wow.

Carlos said...

I know, right?! I can't even believe they won! Just goes to show...any given Sunday and all that...

Cam-Fu said...

I watched the game. It was pretty much a disaster on both sides, but Seattle escaped less unscathed.