20 Nov 2011

NFL Week 11 Picks

Had no time/forgot to do my picks AGAIN last week! No excuses.

Two weeks ago: 9-5, Season cumulative: 60-41, Season average: 9-6

(Winners in bold)

NY Jets at Denver
This game already occured but, with true integrity, I can honestly say I would’ve picked the Jets. Fucking hell, Rexy...sort it out!

Tampa Bay at Green Bay
Okay, this is starting to piss me off. SOMEbody has to beat the overrated Packers! It just won’t be the Bucs.

Carolina at Detroit
This is gonna be a high-scoring game as both teams have powerful Os and terrible Ds. Home-field advantage tells me the Lions’ll take it.

Jacksonville at Cleveland
Holy shit, do the Jags suck or what? I’m calling it that Clevland snaps a three-game losing streak right here.

Oakland at Minnesota
Do the Vikes suck even more than the Jags? Possibly. AP will get big numbers tonight but will still lose.

Buffalo at Miami
Yes I know the Dolphins have won two on the bounce and Buffalo have lost four of the last five. The Bills should still take this.

Dallas at Washington
Expect Princess and the Cowgirls to take this against a Redskins team that defines the term “woeful”.

Cincinnati at Baltimore
Ravens to eke out a win against an impressive Bengals team. The two Rays to kick some ass.

Arizona at San Francisco
The 49ers seem to be the genuine article this year (compared to other early-season surprise packages like Detroit and Buffalo who’ve since gone off the boil). The Cards are much better than their record suggests, but I can’t see them beating San Fran.

Seattle at St. Louis
The battle of the shite. The green shite should take this one.

Tennessee at Atlanta
Two teams with identical records, yet the Titans suck (Chris Johnson should give some of his earnings back), while White, Ryan and Atlanta are awesome. Go figure.

San Diego at Chicago
Well, well, San Diego. What. The. Fuck. Chicago have one four in a row, while the Chargers have lost four in a row. ‘Nuff said.

Philadelphia at NY Giants
I’m so glad the dog-torturer had one of his worst games ever last week. I’m also glad that Eli’s beginning to show consistency again.

Kansas City at New England
Um. Yeah.