21 Oct 2006

I was right (surprise, surprise), it DID kick ass!

Just got back home from seeing The Departed at Cineworld in Milton Keynes. As you will know from a previous post, I was DYING to see this. Now that I HAVE seen it I can confirm the following truths:

#1 When it comes to predicting how good/bad a movie WILL be, I'm always right

#2 When it comes to predicting how good/bad anything will be, I'm always right

#3 Leonardo DiCaprio is distressingly good in this movie

#4 MattDamon is even better. He should do bad guys more often

#5 Mark Wahlberg almost steals the entire movie. Best thing he's done since Boogie Nights

#6 Jack Nicholson can STILL surprise us with just how great an actor he is

#7 Alec Baldwin is underused in movies today. I mean Glengarry for Christ's sake!

#8 Scorcese isn't shite anymore. First great film for 15 years (Cape Fear, 1991)

If I didn't make this clear before, if you DON'T see this movie, you're a stupid-head.

1 comment:

Cam said...

I don't know about numbers 1 and 2... =P