12 Oct 2006

What I'm listening to right now, Jazz Edition

Diana Krall - From This Moment On

It's always the way....you wait for ages for another good jazz vocal album to come out, when two come along at once! Diana Krall's new album, From This Moment On, is her first studio-recorded album of standards since The Look of Love in 2001 (for me, the best album she has ever recorded). I must say that after the patchy Live in Paris and the interesting but dull The Girl in the Other Room, this is a welcome return to the type of record that garnered her such critical and commercial popularity. For this release, Diana has mixed the familiar with the obscure to create a totally refreshing album, giving us new spins on old classics while making the more unrecognisable standards sound like hits from their eras. In particular, How Insensitive, the bossa nova-tinged Jobim/Getz/Gilberto instrumental favorite is given to a new audience with a laid-back vocal. The whole album oozes class and will make her some new fans while keeping her regulars happy. The perfect chillout album that's not a chillout album.

Download: How Insensitive, Isn't This a Lovely Day, From This Moment On

Madeleine Peyroux - Half the Perfect World

If Diana Krall is the more populist face of new jazz vocalists, then madeleine Peyroux is part of the underground. On this, her third CD, the Billie Holiday-like voice wraps itself around some well-known standards and a few self-penned songs. As with her previous breakthrough album, Careless Love, Madeleine brings something deeper to her interpretations than a superficial slickness. You believe she has lived/is living the words she sings, which is why, I think, she has gained a popularity beyond those "Wow, doesn't she sound like Billie," coffee bar "fans."

Download: River, Smile

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