12 Oct 2006

When the Levees Broke

Being an active duty military member, there are certain things I cannot say about our current administration and the president.

If you get a chance, please try and catch the new HBO documentary When the Levees Broke, A Requiem in Four Parts directed by Spike Lee. As we all were in August/September 2005, Spike was watching wall-to-wall news coverage about Hurricane Katrina. What started as a tragedy turned into a travesty. Spike, like many of us, couldn't believe what he was seeing and what was happening in the "richest country in the world." He spent the next year interviewing victims, officials and others connected either directly or indirectly to Katrina. The end result was a four-hour documentary that simply presents those involved and let's them tell their story. This isn't a "Spike Lee Joint," in the traditional sense, as he is noticeably absent from the proceedings. By letting his subjects tell of their hurt, anger, anguish, sadness, pain, indignation, outrage, tiredness, hopelessness, terror and sorrow, Spike leaves us under no misconception of exactly what they think of both their government and their president.

Never have I felt so many emotions whilst watching a documentary. I urge all of you to see this film.

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Cam said...

I think I saw in the credits that Michael Moore plays Spike Lee. =P